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Black is Back

It may seem strange considering everyone has just finished painting their interiors white, but black is back baby and I couldn't be more excited! Now, don't get me wrong I love a good white, but black brings not only warmth, but character to a space.

Black allows you to introduce new raw materials like brass and bronze without it feeling out of place. Don't be afraid to be different. Black can be a tricky colour to introduce. If you are not careful you could over do it and make your room feel small and uninviting. However, with light materials to play off and highlight the dark colour, such as the flooring and the weathered wood backsplash (featured above) it creates a healthy balance between the two.

Who does't love a good accent wall, right? But they can get pricey. Wallpaper is not cheap and can be a pain to apply and wood accent walls can be damaging. So why not slap on some paint? If you are anything like me your style changes with the wind and a simple coat of paint can be that easy (cost effective) change you are looking for. Again use light and creamy materials to play off the black and create a healthy balance.

You can see here that they have introduced black using the trim and ceiling. The black trim detailing adds character and a dramatic finish that will leave guests speechless (in a good way). You'll notice they even took a chance and painted the entryway ceiling. This is a bold choice that has really paid off and tied the whole thing together.

So don't be afraid! Experiment with paint and even if you just finished painting your entire house white you can start small adding back little bits of character here and there.


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