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Why is Curb Appeal so Important?

The ultimate goal when placing your home on the market in to sell, and to sell for 'top dollar' correct? What is this 'top dollar' non-sense you may ask? Well funny you should ask, because 'top dollar' can be your ideal sale price or even higher!

Now the only way to achieve this is to get people interested and through your front door. We do this by creating 'Curb Appeal' to getting people excited to see what's inside.

When getting a property ready for the market many homeowners get caught up preparing the interior that they don't leave time or resources for exterior improvements. Why is it so important? Well the first thing potential buyers see when they pull up is the front of your home. Are there over grown plants or trees, large cracks in the driveway or sidewalk, personal items, or lights out? If so, potential buyers are probably not going to want to see more. This means that before a buyer has even seen the inside of your home they have taken your property off their 'list.'

How can we fix this? First things first, stand back and take an objective view or even an actual photo of the front for your home. Are there any things that stick out? Is the paint chipping or fading on the front door? Does the landscaping need a facelift? Are there dents and dings in the garage doors? Are there large cracks in the driveway? Yes, some of these times can be costly, but if it means getting potential buyer through your front door it is money well spent.

However, if budget is tight and big ticket items cannot be addressed then do what you can to create a big impact. A new coat of paint on the front door, an additional flower pot or two can make a lasting impression on that one potential buyer. While it may be great to have multiple offers it only takes one to sell your home.

I cannot stress enough the importance of Curb Appeal. If your home has been on the market and you have seen little to no activity take a step back and see what potential buyers see.

As always if you have any question or need any advise, I am happy to help! Happy Selling

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