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The Industrial Look

The industrial look is increasingly popular in today's interiors whether in the heart of the city or deep in the suburbs industrial elements are popping up everywhere. If the industrial look is your cup of tea here are a few elements you can implement to achieve an industrial feel in your home.

1. Edison Bulbs- are a quick inexpensive way to introduce an industrial feel to the any space. Place exposed edison bulbs in areas you feel will maximize that industrial feel in your home.

2. Wire Baskets- are not only a simple industrial gateway piece, but also an incredibly practical storage component. Place a wire basket in close proximity to lounge areas to allow easy access to cozy blankets and additional pillows.

3. Exposed Brick- many older homes have hidden brick elements just waiting to be discovered. However, if you are in a new build and enjoy the industrial look faux brick is the way to go it is light weight and easy to install.

4. Elements of Concrete- a new trend popping up in homes old and new is a concrete elements indoors. Concrete countertops are durable, easy to clean, and adds just the right amount of industrial texture to your home. There are many furniture pieces out there that include a concrete element.

5. Wood Accents- can be introduced to a space through furniture pieces

. Wood element design pieces are easy to come across these days.


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