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5 Tips When Selling Your Home

Going, going, gone! Selling your home can be stressful and a drawn out processes, but with these simple steps you will be selling your home with ease.

1. DECLUTTER & DEPERSONALIZE! We do not want to overwhelm potential buyers with an abundance of 'stuff'. Walking into a room with too much stuff can make to the room feel smaller and turn buyers away. Before your house officially goes on the market eliminate bulky furniture, all those little knickknacks, and personal items. Having personal items dotted around can make it difficult for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the space.

2. NO EVIDENCE OF PETS! Potential home buyers don't want to know that animals once inhabited the space they are potentially buying. Clear away dog beds, bowls, litter boxes, and everything in between.

3. HAVE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS TAKEN! Many potential home buyers are doing their own home research through sites like Zillow,, and Trulia. Having photos available for buyers to click through increases your chance of a sale dramatically. On the flip side just posting your own photos can do more damage than good. Therefore, have a professional come photograph your home. They know the best angles and lighting to help show off your home's best features.

4. NEUTRAL PALLET! Do not risk scaring off potential buyers with bright, loud color choices. If your daughter wanted a hot pink bedroom that is fine, just chose a more neutral color to cover up the pink. Covering loud colors with a more neutral color pallet will entice more buyers with the idea of having to do less work upon move in. On the topic of neutrals, today we see a trend in moving away from the neutral earth tones to warm, clean grays. Keep this in mind then picking a new color pallet to stage your home.

5. STAGE, STAGE, STAGE! Studies show that homes that are staged sell three times faster than homes that are not. Hire a staging company to come in and layout your home to best attract buyers. When walking into an empty room it can be difficult for many people to visualize the space. At the opposite end of the spectrum, having too much 'stuff' in a space can overwhelm and make the rooms feel smaller potentially turning away buyers.

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