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My Top 5 Design Trends for 2018

Everyone wants to be ahead of the game when it comes to their fashion, so why not your home? Here are my top five trends we will start seeing in 2018. These design styles have already started to make an appearance in design magazines and tv, but are guaranteed to be statement pieces in 2018!

First off VELVET, VELVET, VELVET! If you have been browsing magazines and stores like myself you are sure to have noticed the increase in velvet, from clothing to furniture! Yes, I said furniture. Velvet covered couches have been slowly creeping into stores everywhere. Don't expect them to go anywhere any time soon; they are here to stay.

Next we have JEWEL TONES! My personal favorite being emerald. You may find this a strange colour pallet to make a come back considering many associate jewel tones with a gothic design style. However, jewel tones can be that warm pop of colour you are looking for in your home.

Third trend is WALLPAPER! Now we have seen an increase in the use of wallpaper already this year, but expect to see some new and interesting wallpaper variations such as textured material and even 3D images.

My fourth top trend is the return of RETRO FURNITURE STYLES! More and more stores are linings their shelves with pieces that feature retro design styles. For example, the skinny slanted legs used to hold up chunky side tables and love-seats. Sleek, clean lines and natural wood elements are also associated in the retro design look we are seeing pop up in stores and magazines near us.

Lastly we have OPEN STORAGE! The idea of open storage intimidates many. We like it hind our 'stuff' from the eyes of our guests, but how much of that 'stuff' do you really need? I like the idea of open storage in the home, because it forces us to organize and minimize our belongings to the essentials. Over the years we acquire so many things, things we do not need to live and thrive in our daily lives. Open concept storage forces us to re-evaluate our essentials and cut back on the unnecessary things we collect over time!

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