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Dream Big, Live Tiny

You may have noticed the new trend sweeping the nation. Many are ridding themselves on material belongings and opting for a tiny home on wheels. This allows them to pick up and travel on a whim. Could you do it? 

Consider the Benefits of Tiny Living:

1. Reduce financial strain - many struggle with the burden that is a mortgage. Tiny homes offer an out for those pesky monthly payments. 

2. Work less leaving more time to do the things you enjoy - owning your tiny home allows you to save money for the things that matter. 

3. Freedom to pick up and travel on a whim- enjoy the easy of traveling when you can pick up and take your entire home with you.  

4. Be more energy efficient and enviormentally friendly- tiny homes offer the opportunity to implement sustainable living options.

5. Declutter and be more organized- when living in a mere 250 sq/ft you will only have room for the essentials.

It has been my dream for quite some time now to renovate a small camper and spend time traveling. I will keep you posted on my journey and update you on any and all renovation! 

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